Plan a new construction

Carefully plan the construction of your new distribution centre with our expertise

Thinking about expanding your warehouse or building a new distribution centre? Structurack is your best ally to begin this great project in compliance with applicable industry standards. Contact us before you contact your architect.

Our expertise in the safe design of distribution centres was developed over decades with hundreds of projects. From the types of stored products to their shipment, including their handling in your centre, we analyze with you all the key components of your supply chain in order to create draft layouts and then work closely with your architect for the final version.

A turnkey approach to storage solutions

No company is as specialized as Structurack in storage solutions. Our turnkey services for the construction of your new centre include the comprehensive analysis of your needs, design drawings (positioning of building columns, roof drains, lighting, etc.), the design and integration of your storage solutions, which are typically composed of several static, dynamic or even automated systems. Moreover, all our projects include training tailored to your situation so that your employees know exactly the limits and capacity of the systems they work with.

Structurack also perform an inspection of your current equipment to put forward cost-effective options to reuse existing material. If necessary, we can upgrade them and fix in the gaps pertaining to OHS standard compliance.

Contact our team before you start the construction of your new distribution centre. All benefits for you.

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