Keep your storage systems in good condition

There are only benefits in keeping your storage systems in good condition

A storage system in good condition has lifelong durability. Each company should have an annual maintenance budget in order to maintain the integrity of its pallet racks and other systems. A well-maintained system helps avoid the worst, i.e. the collapse of structures that threatens your workers’ safety, or damage to your equipment or goods.

Following our inspections, and if necessary, our team will suggest an upgrading or repair plan for the damaged equipment, and make recommendations to address gaps pertaining to OHS standards compliance.

Structurack is the only company on the market that can determine your load-bearing capacities and certify all your systems, even if the components come from several manufacturers.

An annual preventive inspection of your structures is critical to ensure your peace of mind. Contact our team for an estimate of the costs your company should include in its maintenance budget.

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