Maximize your current layout

Optimize the design of your warehouse to reduce the risks of accidents and increase productivity

The Structurack team has proved itself quite adept at optimizing the design of distribution centres. With hundreds of projects under our belt, we can assess all the components in your supply chain, while taking into account the nature of your products, your equipment and your building, to recommend design drawings that will reduce your losses, equipment failure and damage to material, limit risks of accident, and consequently increase productivity.

Structurack handles every step of your optimization project

From need analysis to the design and integration of your storage solutions, our team is here to lead the project and minimize the impact on your day-to-day operations. Since our goal is also to reduce project costs, we salvage, when possible, current equipment to upgrade them and achieve compliance with OHS standards. Our mission is to design the best solution for your company, usually mixing static, dynamic and automated systems. A unique approach on the market allows us to certify all your systems, even if the components come from several manufacturers.

At the end of all our projects, we offer customized training so that your teams can safely use your new equipment.

Avoid any interruptions in your supply chain and invest properly today. Contact Structurack to assist you.

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