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Drive-in/drive-thru pallet racks

Drive-in rack systems are ideal for warehouse storage with large quantities of the same product. Structurack provide drive-in rack solutions to meet your high density storage needs. Our heavy duty drive-in solutions are typically constructed from structural steel for impact protection and can be configured in a variety of depths and levels, including the Super Cant-Leg. Slanting recessed uprights take the place of conventional columns allowing operators a safer exit from the system. Drive-in Super Cant-Leg's uprights' powerful structure supports highest racks and heaviest loads. Special clean base and bumper base options fill additional needs.

Benefits of Drive-in Rack

  • The same entry and exit point on each aisle or storage bay is used to to access loads, creating last-in/first-out storage.
  • Is the highest density pallet racking system available.
  • Available surface and height space is best utilized by drive-in pallet rack than any other system.
  • Load flexibility for both weight and volume.

Storage systems that exceed your expectations

Structurack is an ally that offers undeniable added value in the turnkey implementation of your projects. Our storage systems are designed for the reality of your distribution centre.