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Pallet flow racks

3D Logistic offer a wide range of dynamic pallet flow products which are engineered to meet specific warehouse storage requirements. The key to successful flow rack systems is developing a solution that is customized to the type of product to be stored; the pallet type, the environment and the function required by the rack system. We manufacture skatewheel pick systems as well as deep lane pallet flow, using either rollers or wheels.

Benefits and Features

  • Increased pallet storage density
  • Easily stores up to 10 pallets deep in one lane
  • Conveys non-standard or plastic pallets or containers
  • Loads travel in constant alignment
  • No stack-up considerations – even past 5 pallet positions
  • Modular design allows for easy addition or reduction of lanes
  • Installed on Structural/Roll-formed Rack

Storage systems that exceed your expectations

Structurack is an ally that offers undeniable added value in the turnkey implementation of your projects. Our storage systems are designed for the reality of your distribution centre.