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Picking tower

A picking tower can be described as a dense block of several levels of platforms dedicated to piece-picking. It is not uncommon to build towers measuring over 150' long x 50' wide x 30'-0" high, incorporating 3 levels plus the ground!

A tower is therefore mainly built with pallet rack components.

Typically, the perimeter is made up of pallet bays to allow for product replenishment. In the centre, there will be flow racking as well as light-duty racking.

To move the picking cartons from one level to another, we install conveyors and high-speed lifts. These conveyors will facilitate the transportation of completed orders to the consolidation and shipping areas.

There are several types of flooring. Usually, the floor is composed of a steel deck covered with a plywood laminated with a high-density polyethylene in order to offer better resistance, facilitate maintenance and offer a slip-resistant finish. Other options such as perforated steel planks, steel slats or resin panels are available.

On the floor, in addition to the guardrails installed around the perimeter and openings, our custom-designed access doors allow for easy pallet up/down.

Our picking towers are accessed through high-quality stairs with slip-resistant steps.

We have the experience required to carry out this complex project. Of course, the design of our towers meets all applicable standards.


They free up some square footage of floor space, allowing you to:

  • Optimize the cubic volume of your distribution centre.
  • Increase your productivity.
  • Save money – you won’t have to move!

They can easily be dismantled and relocated to a new centre. They are movable assets because they are not attached to the building.

Storage systems that exceed your expectations

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