Structurack: your partner in storage systems

Structurack’s expertise becomes apparent during the implementation of turnkey projects. We rarely undertake a project that includes only one of our services because a comprehensive analysis and a full overview are necessary for us to provide the best recommendations.

Any company with a warehouse or a distribution centre should prioritize the safety of its storage systems. Beyond safety, it’s also about productivity and performance. Contact our team now to learn how we can assist you.

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Here are the different fields of expertise we draw on in whole or in part during each project.


The inspection of your structures allows us to list the interventions needed to design a safe storage system. Our qualified inspectors determine the maximum allowable load capacities, and our visits are always followed by an analysis report and a detailed outline of our observations. With a fully documented inspection, you will be able to make informed decisions to ensure the safety of your systems.

Upgrading and Repair

An upgrading process must be carried out efficiently and rationally. It needs to restore the physical integrity of the storage system to ensure ultimate safety. Before restoring any system, Structurack assesses the project as a whole. We then offer the ideal solution while minimizing the impact on your teams’ operational activities.

Design and Integration

During conceptual design, Structurack integrates a variety of storage systems to design picking and storage solutions to meet all your needs. We rely on your requirements and a detailed analysis of your situation to provide you with our best recommendations. We then manage the whole project by overseeing the manufacturing, delivery and installation of the systems in your warehouse or distribution centre.

OHS Compliance

We can help you make sure your warehouse meets applicable occupational health and safety standards and complies with laws and regulations in force in your area. For example, by calculating your systems’ load-bearing capacity, by checking the compliance of your forklift aisles and by ensuring all the required safety devices are installed and in good condition.

Getting facilities that comply with safety standards is an investment that will pay off for your company. You will avoid damaging equipment and products, your teams will be more productive, you will reduce the number of accidents and, as a result, you will see your OHS premiums decrease.


Training is of particular importance for Structurack. For each project you entrust us with, we are committed to train your teams on how to safely and efficiently use the installed systems. Our training courses aim to improve accident prevention.


To replace the traditional solution of forklifts and conveyors, your handling processes can be automated in whole or in part with AGVs.

Structurack has leading expertise to assess your needs, offer you appropriate recommendations, and custom design the necessary vehicles for your company.